Testimonial from Jordin Thiele

Thank you Jordin for sharing your journey because it is surprising when people are confused at why they are unable to lose weight even though they are only eating once a day or less. So it is great to hear about your experience. Thank you for sharing!

Testimonial From Melissa

Melissa this is a wonderful sharing. Once you took control of your eating habits and changed your lifestyle your life became so much better. So proud of you and the determination you put into this program. Thank you for sharing.

Testimonial from Jacqueline Dwyer

I am glad I came to Maureen to lose weight with Hypnosis because I originally came to see Maureen for Quit Smoking which was 100% successful. I then came 6 months later for weight loss and all my forbidden foods have again been successfully eliminated. No cravings, no need to concentrate – I just love healthy eating. What a wonderful woman she is assisting people be the best version of you possible.

Thank you! Jacqueline Dwyer

Shirley commenced her journey six weeks ago and attended each fortnight for three sessions. Shirley was determined to take back control and regain a healthy eating lifestyle. Shirley has expressed her happiness at this new found freedom.

Shirley Jackson

Linda came to see Maureen to stop smoking and made the above video.  At the same time Linda decided to do the Weight Loss programme.  Linda completed her three sessions and here is her comment:-

I am glad I came to Maureen to lose weight with Hypnosis because by talking to my subconscious mind it has been like a retraining.  My subconscious mind now does the job of looking after my body naturally and easily without the effort and at times losing the battle like I was without hypnosis.  It will become a new way of living from now on.

Linda McKee

I am pleased I came to Maureen to lose weight with Hypnosis because I have tried every diet under the sun. They work until my will power gives in. I loved chocolate anything. A comfort eater! But after one session with Maureen, I no longer craved chocolate like I did before. Saw it but was able to say no!

After the second session I no longer thought of sweets anymore. Hypnosis is not what you see on TV it is just a very relaxed state. Amazing!! So now I am able to stick to a diet of healthy food. All you have to lose is weight.

Diana Schultz

Sharon Chinen is living proof that weight loss hypnosis works to get great results.

Sharon ChinenSome years ago, Sharon decided to try something different in order to get her spiraling weight under control.  She was feeling as if her weight was creeping up and their was nothing she could do about it. 

Sharon had tried diets and other methods but they had just lead to yo-yoing weight loss and weight gain.  This time she was determined to get her weight and eating habits under control.

Sharon was sure that hypnosis would work and decided to give it a try.  Since undergoing a structured weight loss programme with a Specialist Weight Loss Therapist,  Sharon has not looked back.  Now she no longer finds chocolate, cakes, take-away, junk food or ‘treats’ even remotely enticing. She was delighted to find that hypnosis really worked to stop her cravings for unhealthy foods.

Now Sharon has no trouble eating healthy and says she has become a ‘walkaholic’.   Since undergoing the Weight Loss Programme she loves exercise more than ever before and so far has lost 20 kilos.

Sharon says she would recommend this programme to anyone who truly wants to make a long-term change in their eating habits and lose that excess weight.