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How to get rid of cellulite

Dimples are cute, but not when they come in multitudes on the butt, thighs and even stomach. One of the most common concerns among people who want to lose weight is cellulite. That dimply, cottage cheesy mess is especially terrifying for women, who are much more prone to getting cellulite than men.  Anyone who has […]

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Watch out! 7 foods that raise bad cholesterol

One of the most important reasons people need to eat healthy is because they need to keep their heart healthy–hence, the term “heart-healthy diet.” There are many signs that the body is not getting proper nutrition: being overweight, feeling tired and having wrinkly skin to name a few. However, one of the telltale signs that […]

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What is Salt Therapy and How Does It Improve Health?

When salt is discussed in tandem with health, it is usually in reference to how much or little people should be consuming. Many salt lovers out there are often disappointed by the fact that high sodium diets aren’t the healthiest–salt just adds so much flavor! But there is another health discussion popping up around salt […]

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Natural therapy and normal medicine—what is the difference?

In contemporary society, medical treatment is typically divided into two categories: natural therapy (or alternative medicine) and normal (mainstream) medicine. This distinction, however, is relatively new. Before the explosion of Western medical science and its pharmaceutical progeny, what is now deemed alternative medicine was the only medicine in existence. There were no other methods. But […]

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Scientists Connect Sugar Metabolism and the Biological Clock

The Biological clock and metabolism are totally connected. According to researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, learning more about the biological rhythms of patients suffering from various ailments can help doctors to more effectively administer medicine, particularly anti-inflammatory drugs. This is because the researchers were able to discern how cryptochromes and glucocorticoid receptors […]

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