Yearly Archives: 2019

Is Hypnotherapy Really Effective for Weight Loss?

There are many strategies that people employ to lose weight, some effective and other just false fads (think crash diets). The Truth Behind Weight Loss The truth behind weight loss is that it is about forming and maintaining healthy eating and exercise habits. There is no magic way to lose weight. It is a matter […]

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Get Rid of the Bloats Today!

All of us have been bloated at one point or another in our lives, and it is definitely not a pleasant feeling. You are taken over by sluggishness, pressure, discomfort, and maybe even the sense that you are swelling up like a human balloon. Medical Conditions There are various medical conditions that lead to chronic […]

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The Best Weight Loss Diet

There are hundreds—maybe even thousands of diets that promise to help you lose weight and  look good.  Some of these diets are based on fasting, some on pills, and some require you to give up things like starch, sugar or fat completely. But did you know there is only one weight loss diet that can […]

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