Quick Recipes For the Busy Parent!

Is this your Morning Routine?Sweet Innocence

Shower and work out what we are wearing 

Wake the children – and that can sometimes be a challenge in itself 
Pack lunches or maybe you are one of the organized parents with lunches packed the night before – well done 
Dress the children and make sure bags are packed including the lunches 
Oh I almost forgot – FEED the family and the pets before rushing out the door

So what is your morning routine like? Wish there were more hours in the day? We are all busy parents rushing off to work or other commitments. Or maybe you are a grandparent helping out with the family. Whatever the case may be, morning time is always busy.

So when do we think about dinner? 

Perhaps you have a fleeting thought during the day, during one of your hungry spells. Or maybe it is on the way home where it becomes a gnawing thought, "Oh dear, what can I give the family for dinner?" Well, one solution is to buy food in bulk, cook the meat and freeze it. This does seem to work really well for some families. This just leaves simple tasks when you arrive home from work – do the veggies and reheat the meat. Of course we must not forget to get the meat out of the freezer although if you have time, try to get it out in the morning and put it in the fridge to thaw in readiness for later on. 

Now not everyone is going to agree with this idea as they would prefer to cook their meals as they eat them. That is fine if you are using something that cooks quickly such as steak, chops etc. However items such as casseroles, roast lamb, kebabs and even schnitzels are ideal menu items for cooking and freezing.

One very resourceful mum uses a steamer, does the veggies and puts them on. If the meal has just come out of the freezer she will put it in the microwave to thaw. Once this is done she sits downs with a glass of wine or alternatively a coffee and catches up with the family on their day. It is a great family time and although the time is limited it shows that Mum is relaxed and is prepared to spend time with Dad and the kids.

The steamer beeping alerts her that it is time to put the dinner out – all is in readiness. She pops the meat in the microwave and by the time she has put the veggies on the plate the meat is heated – NO STRESS!

There are some excellent recipes that are easy to prepare and will also do the trick. For more information on quick recipes that help you overcome the 'dinner time stress' visit the link below.

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