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The Mind-Body Connection

The connection between the body and mind has been at the center of medical, spiritual and cultural discussions for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Most cultural, spiritual and medical traditions agree that there is a definite mind-body connection, but not all agree on exactly what that means. Understanding the Mind Before explaining the mind-body […]

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New Mum, New Diet: How to Eat Right for Your Baby

Eating right during and after pregnancy isn’t only about weight management.  Eating right during and after pregnancy is about giving you and your baby the best possible chance for living a long and healthy life.  It is absolutely crucial for you as a pregnant or breastfeeding mom to have a healthy diet. Your body nourishes […]

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Break Free of Your Anxiety!

Worry, nervousness, insomnia, the inability to socialize—indeed, anxiety can be a major impediment to leading a healthy and fulfilling life.  But anxiety is a very treatable condition and you have the power to control it so that it doesn’t control you. Anxiety, as a medical disorder, is extremely common in modern Western societies. According to the Australian Bureau […]

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The Heart-Healthy Benefits Of Almonds

If you are looking to lose weight and get heart-healthy then you are probably looking for foods that can help you along the way. So look no further than almonds. According to a study authored by Dr. David J.A. Jenkins at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, Canada, eating almonds daily positively affects the lipid levels in […]

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