Can Your Diet Help You Overcome MS?

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that damages the axons around the brain and spinal cord and disrupts their ability to communicate with each other, leading to a variety of degenerative symptoms such as inflammation, neurological problems, and muscle spasms. It typically appears in early adulthood and more common among women than men. Many doctors and experts in the medical profession, particularly practitioners of mainstream medicine, believe that multiple sclerosis or MS has no cure, although there are a variety of treatments that can help the afflicted manage their symptoms and complications.

Despite the fact that mainstream medicine claims that there is no known cure for MS, many practitioners of alternative medicine claim that the disease can not only be managed but potentially eradicated. One such claim is that changing your diet can help you heal MS. Dr. Terry Wahls claims that the problems with MS start with your mitochondria, or the organelles that behave like the digestive system for your individual cells. Dr. Wahls maintains that increasing your intake of the nutrients vital to cellular functioning can turn your case of MS around and free you from its clutches. Eating a diet rich in vitamins B1, B 9, B12, iodine, and animal-based Omega 3 fat can help you heal your cells. This requires you to go on a strict regimen of foods that contain these nutrients and you will need to cut out all sugar and junk food, leaving little to no room for exceptions. Since the majority of people do not engage in dietary practices that get their nutrient needs met on a daily basis, many people suffer from debilitating diseases that could be mitigated or cured by a change in eating habits.

So will your diet really cure MS? It is difficult to say so with certainty, and the mainstream medicine community would definitely balk at such a claim. Still, if you are suffering from MS and are looking for a cure or a way to at least manage your symptoms, then it is a good idea to take Dr. Wahls' advice and up your intake of B vitamins and Omega 3 oils. There is no harm in doing so and you may be amazed to find that your overall health improves once your body starts getting the vital nutrients it needs in large quantities. Alternative medicine and mainstream medicine will likely never see eye to eye, but if one of the two schools of thought has a recommendation for a cure, then there is no harm in trying it out if it can't harm you.

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