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When it comes to food, it can be either very boring with the same thing every meal, or delicious and tantalising. How do you rate your food? Meat and three vegs or a lovely variety of food?

As a child we always had meat and three vegs and there is nothing wrong with that and in fact it was always truly delicious. My mum (with 9 children) was an excellent yet simple cook. Hence we all survived and thrived. Sadly my dad died at 60 from a sudden heart attack as he loved his meat. In fact the first thing he ate when he was having a steak was the fat.

Food Options – are they Healthy?

Of course these days we have so many options with food. Our children are becoming more fussy than in earlier days due to the many options available to them. Sadly though much of the food available especially the treats, are processed foods with chemicals and toxins that have a negative effect on behaviour and health. If you are finding this a challenge, especially with the chidlren, check out Sue Dengate at the Failsafe Eating Program.

Sue and her husband have worked tirelessly to help families with the food for themselves and their children. Sue was the person who managed to have the chemical 382 removed from our bread. This was a horrible chemical and caused emotional disturbances especially hypneractivity in children. Sue researches each chemical and provides a comprehensive list of these chemicals and their effects on us.

Sultanas for Kids

You know the little packs of sultanas you buy for kids? Did you know they can cause a negative reaction especially in kids? I had a child visiting me once and her grandmother couldn’t understand why she had suddenly become so over active after being on the Failsafe Eating Program. We both realised the only food she had given to the child over and above what she would normally have, was the little box of sultanas.

Solution to Hyperactivity

When a child has had a drink or eaten something where they are running up and down stairs or just being over active, a small dose of Bicarbonate Soda is usually very effective. The dosage will depend on their age. Check out this article from Healthline

Healthy Recipes

Below are some healthy recipes you and your family may enjoy. You may aslo find other recipes at Master Your Life Power

Our Facebook page also provides really great recipes and informaton too.

Simple Summer Mango Salad

Mango is bursting with Vitamin C and A. Both contain antioxidant properties, support the immune system and are great for the skin.
1 mango, flesh cubed
1 avocado, flesh cubed
2 tbs sultanas (Most sultanas are chemically dried and can impact on childrens behavious. Using organic is best)
2 tbs slivered almonds, toasted
Lettuce (preferably mesculine mix as this mix is infused with a variety of colours and nutrients. Mesculin mix usually includes rocket which is great for the liver.)
1 small tin tuna (optional)
1 tbs white wine vinegar
1 tbs olive oil

Toss all ingredients together in a large bowl. For the dressing, whisk the oil and vinegar together, season and pour over salad.

Choko Mash

Sometimes called vegetable pears, chokoes are originally from Latin America, where they are known as chayote. They can be as a fruit (stewed with sugar and optionally a pear or golden delicious apple) or a vegetable. Here are some Mexican recipes.

2tsp canola oil, 1 large leek, chopped, 1 clove garlic, crushed, 3 large chokoes (about 1 kg), chopped, 6 medium potatoes (about 1.2 kg), chopped, 50 gm butter or Nuttelex, 2 tbspn chopped parsley.

Heat oil in small pan and cook leek and garlic, stirring until leek is soft – about 5 mins. Boil, steam or microwave chokoes and potatoes separately until tender. Chokoes (with ¼ water) will take about 10 minutes on high in the microwave, 15 minutes steamed. Drain and puree chokoes with leek mixture in blender or processor. Drain potatoes and mash with butter. Combine both mixtures and push through sieve into a large bowl. Stir parsley through. Serves 4-6.

Choko Wedges

5 medium chokoes (about 900g)
½ cup breadcrumbs or rice crumbing mix
1 clove garlic, finely chopped
1 egg, lightly beaten
canola oil for shallow frying.

Cut each choko into 8 wedges. Boil, steam or microwave until just tender. Drain and pat dry.
Combine breadcrumbs and garlic. Dip wedges in egg, then in breadcrumb mixture. Heat oil in large pan. Fry wedges in batches until well browned all over. Drain on absorbent paper. makes 40.

Is Weight a Problem for your? 

Weight Loss Hypnosis provides people with an excellent method to lose weight. Of course the most important point with Weight Loss Hypnosis is that it is not a diet, it is a Lifestyle Change. Check out this website for more details and if you have any questions then Call me at +67-32613557

Are you struggling with health challenges yourself. These may be physical or they may be emotional including anxiety, depression, panic attacks or any others. Make contact as we offer a half hour Complimentary Consultation where we can discuss the issues you may have. We are more than happy after speaking with you to refer on if we feel we cannot help you. We can be contacted on at Master Your Life Power or Call me at +67-32613557

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