Sodium Bicarbonate Is Not Just For Making Cookies

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Sodium bicarbonate is a chemical compound and is naturally a component of the mineral natron, although it can be produced artificially as well. You may know it by more familiar names: baking soda, bread soda, and cooking soda. Sodium bicarbonate is frequently used in cooking, but it has other uses as well and some of them are medical. Let's first establish what sodium bicarbonate does and then take a closer look at how it can be used medicinally.

What does sodium bicarbonate do?

Sodium bicarbonate's greatest function is as a neutralizer of acids and bases. In the human body, it neutralizes the acidity of the stomach's hydrochloric acid and thus it is an antacid. Scientists often keep it on hand in laboratories because of its neutralizing properties; it is also a relatively harmless compound which makes it safe for use in a variety of situation from cooking and chemistry to brushing your teeth.

Can sodium bicarbonate be used for medicinal purposes?

Sodium bicarbonate is commonly taken as an antacid to treat indigestion and other health problems related to the stomach and intestines. This is a method for treating indigestion that is approved by both traditional and alternative medical practitioners. It can also be used to treat uric acid renal stones, acidosis, and as a method of first aid to prevent blistering, scalding and scarring after a burn.

Using sodium bicarbonate for medical treatment becomes more in relation to its effectiveness in curing cancer. There are many medical practitioners in alternative medicine who believe that when taken orally or intravenously, can cure cancer or at least mitigate symptoms. This is rooted in the idea that these doctors believe cancer is caused by Candida yeast infections and that it neutralizes and treats these infections. Most doctors in the pharmaceutically-funded traditional medicine do not believe that it is a valid form of cancer treatment, and there are no comprehensive studies that have been conducted to support the claim that it heals cancer. However, there are many in the alternative medicine world who assert the contrary. Thus, using this bicarbonate in cancer treatment is a hotly controversial topic.

If you are looking into using sodium bicarbonate as a cancer treatment, it is best to first consult the doctors you trust most, and even get several opinions. On the on hand, it does not pose any risks if you use it as a treatment course-as was stated before it is relatively innocuous. On the other hand, cancer is a serious and potentially fatal illness and you want to make sure that you leave all treatment options open and follow the advice of trained medical practitioners, whether traditional or alternative.

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