Super Foods, Super Brains: Eating for the Mind


Super FoodsMany people are interested in diets because of their weight loss promises – but shedding kilos isn’t the only reason to engage in healthy eating habits.  If you want to have a slim and healthy body then you need to have an active and healthy brain and the best way of to keep your central nervous system’s star player in shape is by feeding it so-called “super foods”

You brain is the body’s command center. Everything from basic sensory experiences like smelling and hearing to the execution of complex mathematics equations to feelings like love and happiness originate in the brain. Without the brain, you’re nothing – it is an organ that you literally CANNOT live without. Thus, if you want to maximize your potential for a long and healthy life, then you have to give your brain the super foods that boost its power. These include:

  • Berries: Berries like blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries are teeming with the antioxidants needed to cure the brain of oxidative stress and decrease your chances of developing brain cancers and medical conditions like Alzheimer’s Disease.
  • Avocado: The healthy (monosaturated) fats found in avocadoes boost the circulatory system and keep the blood flowing at a healthy rate through the body. Blood is to your brain what oil is to a machine – machines need to be well oiled to run and the brain needs blood in the same way.
  • Beans: Beans keep your blood glucose levels in good balance – something that the brain needs in order to stay fueled up and keep you feeling energetic and mentally aware.
  • Dark Chocolate: Who said eating healthy couldn’t be pleasurable too? That’s right – dark chocolate is a vital member of the brain health team. In addition to free radical squashing antioxidants, dark chocolate is a natural stimulant that releases endorphins and helps you both maintain focus and enhance and stabilize your moods.
  • Salmon: The powerfully nutritious Omega-3 fatty oils found in wild salmon keep the brain functioning at a high level and possess anti-inflammatory properties that can help the brain in times of stress or physical trauma.

Above are some of the key super foods that keep your brain in tip top shape. When your brain is in tip top shape then you will feel better emotionally and physically. If you are worried about getting in shape or losing weight, then just remember: When your brain is healthy, then your body will follow so start eating right today and reap the rewards of a super food-fueled super brain!

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