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How NOT to Be a People Pleaser

There are some people who could not care less about what other people think or how they feel. Then there are some people whose self-esteem depends entirely on making other people happy. Both extremes are problematic and impede the development of healthy, fulfilling relationships.  Society, however,  tends to look more kindly on those who fall […]

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What Is the Mind?

What is the mind? This may seem like an easy question, but, in fact, you may be at a loss for words when asked to define what the mind actually is. But this shouldn’t worry you too much. Some of the greatest thinkers in history, from Plato to Kant to Sartre have struggled to determine […]

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Treating Anxiety With Hypnotherapy

Do you obsess about germs infecting everything from your door knobs to your food? Do black cats give you panic attacks? Are you afraid of socializing in large groups? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders are nothing to be ashamed of; in […]

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The Lowdown on Liver Disease

Your liver keeps your body healthy by detoxifying your blood and synthesizing proteins. If your  liver stops functioning properly, the symptoms will palpable: Skin discoloration, abdominal swelling, nausea, dark or bloody urine and fatigue all indicate that something is wrong with the liver—that is, that you are suffering from some type of liver disease. Liver disease […]

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