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Food Needs to be Fun

Fun and Healthy When it comes to food, it can be either very boring with the same thing every meal, or delicious and tantalising. How do you rate your food? Meat and three vegs or a lovely variety of food? As a child we always had meat and three vegs and there is nothing wrong […]

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5 Tips for Increasing Metabolism

Many people are keen on getting in shape, especially given the fact that obesity rates are on the rise across the globe. However, weight loss is not as easy as infomercials about miracle diets make it out to be. Indeed, there are false diet prophets everywhere but people who are serious about losing weight need […]

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Will Weight Loss Improve Memory?

Weight loss comes with countless benefits–better health and a higher sense of self-esteem being just a few of many. However, researchers have also found that weight loss can lead to improved memory and concentration. This is great news for anyone interested in taking back control of their health. According to a study headed by Dr. […]

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Why lose weight before bariatric surgery?

Bariatric surgery has evolved immensely, and is now considered to be an extremely safe and reliable procedure. Data shows that death in association with diabetes, for example, is reduced 90% after bariatric surgery. If your doctor has helped you decide that bariatric surgery is right for you, it’s because the benefits greatly outweigh the risks. […]

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How NOT to Be a People Pleaser

There are some people who could not care less about what other people think or how they feel. Then there are some people whose self-esteem depends entirely on making other people happy. Both extremes are problematic and impede the development of healthy, fulfilling relationships.  Society, however,  tends to look more kindly on those who fall […]

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