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The Best Weight Loss Diet

There are hundreds—maybe even thousands of diets that promise to help you lose weight and  look good.  Some of these diets are based on fasting, some on pills, and some require you to give up things like starch, sugar or fat completely. But did you know there is only one weight loss diet that can […]

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Super Foods, Super Brains: Eating for the Mind

  Many people are interested in diets because of their weight loss promises – but shedding kilos isn’t the only reason to engage in healthy eating habits.  If you want to have a slim and healthy body then you need to have an active and healthy brain and the best way of to keep your central […]

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The Yogurt Hype

  If you are trying to lose weight, thinking about losing weight, or simply have an interest in nutritious eating, then you have probably come across the yogurt hype. One of the first things that health-conscious eaters seem to go for at the grocery store is the dairy aisle, with a very specific goal in […]

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