4 Amazing Facts About Garlic


        Garlic is a natural antiviral: Garlic has antiviral properties which help the body fight anything from the common cold to seasonal allergies.

        Garlic regulates blood sugar levels: There are many studies that suggest that garlic consumption helps the body maintain balanced blood sugar levels since it increases the release of insulin in the body.  In addition, garlic also lowers blood pressure and blood cholesterol.

        Garlic is a weight loss tool: Don’t be naïve—eating garlic alone will not magically melt the kilos, but garlic consumption does contribute to weight loss for several reasons. First, garlic contains the compound allicin which is a natural appetite suppressant. Second, garlic stimulates the nervous system to release adrenaline hormones that increase the body’s metabolism. Hence, the body is able to burn fat and build muscle at a much faster pace. 

In addition to the benefits listed above, garlic has also been shown to boost the immune system in general as well as mitigate the influence of carcinogens, free radicals and toxin.  Garlic reduces many types of cancer including stomach, esophageal and colon cancers. 

The good news about garlic is that not only is it a natural remedy, it is also cheap.  It’s available nearly everywhere and eating it rarely produces negative side effects.  While it is always important to consult a trusted physician (whether alternative or mainstream) when deciding either the best treatment course for a certain medical condition or the best plan of action for weight loss, garlic is a safe, convenient and reliable tool for health and weight loss.

What do you think?  Do you use a lot of garlic in your diet?  Have you noticed you’re healthier for it?

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