5 Foods that Increase the Metabolism

Given the fact that obesity levels are rising worldwide, it is no surprise that weight loss is such a hot topic.  Indeed, many people feel that they are not in the best shape and need to drop some kilos. The difficult thing about weight loss is that it is often so tied up in fad diets. Fad diets promise people a host of false promises – supermodel bodies without the effort, milkshakes and pills that melt fat and many others.

The only way to lose weight and keep it off is by developing healthy exercise and eating habits that are consistently employed over time. However, there are some foods that can help speed up the body’s metabolism and burn fat.  Here are 5 such foods that increase the body’s metabolism:

·         Edamame: Edamame or soybeans contain lecithin, which can help the body to keep cells from accumulating fat. Edamame can be steamed and then dried or roasted for snacking purposes.

·         Apples and Berries: Apples and berries are a delicious source of pectin, which limits the amount of fat the cells absorb because of their water-binding properties.  Apples are a great snack (along with a teaspoon of raw organic nut butter or hemp butter).

·         Ginger: Ginger expands the blood vessels and can increase the metabolism by nearly 20%. It also detoxifies the body as it stimulates the circulation. Ginger can be eaten raw or pickled and can be used as a spice for any healthy dish.

·         Garlic: Garlic is a natural antibiotic, a blood sugar regulator, and also works like a thermogenic in your body. It boosts metabolism and keeps insulin levels low to maximize fat burning. 

·         Cinnamon: Cinnamon is a wonder spice. It helps the body to metabolize sugar about 20 times faster than usual and also lowers the body's blood-sugar levels, which will help keep off the fat. 

Above are just a few of the foods and spice that can contribute to a successful weight loss campaign. When the body is properly nourished, then it can function optimally and find a weight balance.

Losing weight is not always the easiest process; it requires hard work, dedication and a positive mindset. However, with proper nutrition, exercise and even professional guidance (such as that of a hypnotherapist) everyone has the potential to find the health and wellness balance that best suit their individual needs.

Have you got a favourite food that you think helps your metabolism?

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