9 Tips to Successful Weight Loss

clipWhen it comes to weight loss there is a lot of bad advice out there; from crash diets to diet pills the wild and outrageous promises of health “gurus” can make navigating the rough seas of weight loss a harrowing experience. Luckily, there is one easy way that you can distinguish the good info from the bad: plain and simple, if a weight loss tip sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. No goal worth achieving ever comes easy or free and losing weight is no exception. The will power to consistently maintain a healthy lifestyle will keep you on the right track to getting your body in shape–you have the power to really be the master of your own body. The foundation stones of weight loss are indeed diet and exercise, but it is always good to enlist the help of some solid weight loss advice along the way.

Here are nine tips that can help you out on your weight loss journey:

  • Trust your gut: Everyone is equipped with a full signal–the stomach’s way of alerting us that we have received enough food. Unfortunately, many of us don’t listen to this signal and continue eating away even though our body is stuffed. You have probably heard that it is important to learn to trust your intuition or gut instinct. Well if you want to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, then it is important to listen to your full signal too.
  • Stay Hydrated: The more you exercise, the more water your body needs as of our physical make-up is H20. However, water can also increase your energy and contribute to a full feeling that will cause you to snack and gorge less.
  • Walk at Every Opportunity: If you are seriously trying to lose weight then you should definitely be engaging in regular exercise. However, increasing the amount you walk can double your efforts-think about how often you take the car somewhere when you could be walking.
  • Make Meal Plans: Healthy eating requires deliberate planning. The fast food trap is easiest to fall into when you are stressed and looking for a quick dinner because you haven’t taken the time to think about what you wanted to eat.
  • Find an Exercise Partner: Sticking to a workout plan is much easier when you have someone else who can motivate you and make it a social event. See if your spouse, family, or friends are willing to exercise with you regularly-it just might help you stay on track!
  • Exercise Tunes: Incorporate music into your workouts. Studies say this makes it easier and more enjoyable to exercise so make a workout playlist with your favorite tunes.
  • Say Good Bye to Midnight Snacks: When you eat in the middle of the night you do not burn those excess calories while you sleep. Try your best to avoid snacking late at night or in the middle of the night-the times when you are no longer physically very active. If you do need something to eat, try something very light like an apple or a rice cake.
  • Allow an Occasional Treat: That’s right; your health plan should allow you to indulge yourself a little bit every once in awhile. Living healthy and getting in shape doesn’t mean being an ascetic. Life is short so allow yourself the occasional treat-it is a good exercise in self control.
  • Don’t Overload Your Kitchen: Snacking is one of those things that happen because you can. If you have crisps in the cupboard, you will often find yourself munching away on them even when you are not hungry. Keep fruits, veggies and other healthy munchies on hand, but remember that there is no reason to have more food in your kitchen than you need to eat that day.

Lifestyle Change

Integrate the tips above into your regular diet and exercise plan. You will find that they will both help you to strengthen the will power to get in shape and help you identify and cut out the little habits (like snacking) that can undermine your weight loss journey.

Getting the healthy body that you want is never easy. However with patience and perseverance you will get there. You will feel even better about yourself when you reach your goal because of your own strength and not the false promises of diet pills or crash diets.

Can Hypnosis help to lose weight?

With a professional Hypnotherapist weight loss is so much easier and achievable. Hypnosis changes the mind so you don’t want those foods that are holding you back such as chocolate, chips etc. So if you would like help, then call Maureen on 1300 619 684 as you can achieve your goal much easier and with as little as 3 sessions. Booking online is an easier way to select when you would like to come in.


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