Be Mindful, Lose Weight

Mention the word “mindfulness” and many people will find their imaginations conjuring up images of monks meditating in a Zen monastery. Not a bad vision. However, mention mindfulness and weight control and many people start crinkling their eyebrows: how could such a sedentary practice ever help people lose weight? A pertinent question indeed, but a closer inspection of mindfulness and weight control reveals the cooperative relationship between the two and its ability to help people achieve their weight loss goals.

Mindfulness is a kind of meditation practice that has the goal of bringing your body into a state of balance; in other words, getting you centered. A balanced, centered body and mind is less stressed, less depressed, less anxious much more relaxed, content and positive. The latter emotional states can help people habituate healthy habits and choices, particularly with regard to food and fitness. The mindful mind has an easier time eating the right foods and sticking to an exercise regimen—all necessary components of weight control.  

So how exactly do you practice mindfulness for weight control purposes? There isn’t one proper way actually; the path to mindfulness is different for each individual.  But if you are a total beginner in this area, then here are a few tips that can get you started on your mindful weight loss journey:

  • Be conscious. Take the time to appreciate your life in present moments. Notice smells, sounds and feelings in your body as they occur. Don’t analyze, just feel. Being in such a present state will help you calm your mind before engaging in eating or exercising. A mindful mind will naturally gravitate towards health eating and exercise practices.
  • Meditate for ten minutes each day. Even the busiest person on the planet has an empty ten minutes each day. So make the choice to fill these ten minutes with nothing; that is, fill it with the practice of intentional mindfulness. Find a quiet, private space. Play some relaxing music or nature sounds (or nothing at all). Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and breathe deeply and steadily, in and out. Try not to focus on anything in particular, just the feeling of each present moment. This will relax and rejuvenate your senses and, again, make it easier for you to engage in healthy eating and exercise habits.

Mindfulness can be a powerful weight management tool.  To learn more about how mindful living can impact your weight loss goals visit or get involved in the discussion on Facebook and Twitter. Your input is needed!



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