Exercise: Lose Weight AND Lose Stress

The majority of people who exercise have a very specific goal in mind: maintain or lose weight.  But weight loss shouldn’t be the only reason you do yoga or Pilates—the benefits of exercise go beyond the physical to the mental: exercise can help you destress. 

The mind and body are intimately connected and mutually influential; neither works without impacting the other. When you are sad and angry it can affect your body. When you have low blood sugar it can affect your mood. When you are overweight and/or frequently sedentary it can affect your emotional health.

One emotional state that is both universally experienced and universally dreaded by humans is stress. Stress makes you crabby and unproductive. It causes you to fight with those you love and feel angry at yourself. It is no fun. Being stressed is quite simply a nightmare and it is doubtful that there are many people would disagree with this statement.

The good news, however, is that you can combat stress by exercising regularly. Exercise is a natural and healthy stimulant. As the endorphins begin to course through your body, chemicals that boost your mood, such as serotonin, are released in large quantities naturally. Your body begins to heat up; as your core body temperature increases, it has the same effect on your brain and mood as a hot bath—you start to feel naturally relaxed, almost peacefully Zen.

The benefits of exercise are not just a quick mood fix either. If you engage in regular exercise, you will find that your overall stress levels decrease and that the overall quality of your moods increases until you reach a point where you reach a consistently healthy emotional equilibrium.

If you are interested in lowering your stress levels and getting on the track to a healthier, happier you, then it is never too late to start. You can always drop old habits and build up new ones. If you feel that you need a bit of extra help with all of this then look into the habit-changing benefits of practices such as hypnotherapy. All of the tools are at your disposal. Now it is up to you to take that first jog!

Regular exercise can help you get your stress levels under control.  To learn more about how to exercise and de-stress visit https://lifecoachtoloseweight.com/ or get involved in the discussion on Facebook and Twitter. We need your valuable input!

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