Gastric Banding


Gastric banding is a surgical procedure conducted for weight loss purposes. It reduces the size of the patient’s stomach by placing an inflatable band around the top part of the stomach. This is supposed to diminish the patient’s appetite after the surgery, leading to weight loss. However, gastric banding is not always safe and it does not always lead to the results that patients hope for. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of gastric banding in order to better understand where it can fall short as a weight loss strategy.

Pros of Gastric Banding

Compared to other methods of gastric weight loss surgery, gastric banding has a mortality rate of only 1 in 2000. The changes made are not permanent in that the gastric band can be removed and patients do not suffer so much pain and have a shorter recovery time. Additionally, since the intestines are bypassed during the procedure, the patient does not have to worry about suffering from any malabsorption issues.

Cons of Gastric Banding

Just because gastric banding is safer than other forms of weight loss surgery, this does not mean it is 100% safe. Gastric banding can still lead to painful ulcerations on the stomach, internal bleeding, and infection. There is also potential for the stomach to erode and allow the gastric band to slip through the membrane, a very serious condition that must be urgently treated.

Gastric Banding Doesn’t Get to the Heart of the Weight Loss Matter

Above are descriptions of the physical pros and cons associated with gastric banding, but as a weight loss method there is one glaring issue that can cause the procedure to be ineffective: it is not habit forming. Gastric banding is kind of like a quick fix. It is a surgical solution that seeks to correct weight issues, but if the patient does not address the issues underlying their extreme weight gain, then gastric banding will not be effective. Weight management is about habit management. If you don’t have good eating habits and good exercise habits, then how can you expect to maintain a healthy weight? In this day and age many people are looking for a fast way to fix their problems, when the truth is fast fixes usually never get to the heart of the matter. It takes will power to build healthy lifestyle habits and if without a combination of will power and self reflection, it is difficult to maintain a healthy weight. Gastric banding is a tool that can be helpful to someone who is approaching obesity, but if it is not coupled with some kind of therapy that conditions the formation of healthy habits (like hypnotherapy) then the patient will ultimately struggle to make the changes necessary for a healthier life. In short, gastric banding alone will not fix your weight problem. Only you have the power to do so by building and shaping healthy habits and beliefs about yourself and your body.


Virtual Gastric Banding

Virtual gastric banding procedure is available to anyone wanting to decrease their weight and improve their health. There are no hospital waiting lists, no expensive medical related costs and no specific weight requirements as opposed to the surgical procedure. Gastric Banding through hypnosis gives you all the positive benefits of the surgery without all the risks. It is non-surgical and therefore has no side effects, no medical risk, and no ongoing follow up treatment is required. It is simply for people looking for a permanent change through significant weight loss.

Through hypnosis the Gastric Banding procedure, is a technique that utilises the power of the mind by convincing it that your stomach has shrunk to the size of a golf ball. The procedure incorporates the power of hypnosis, NLP and very powerful visualisations to assist you in the permanent weight loss change. This will result in re-training your relationship with food such as eating less, making healthier food choices, exercising and consuming more water; and it all comes naturally from the suggestions given to the subconscious mind. This procedure is a natural organic process whereby the subconscious mind naturally and effortlessly makes healthier choices. You will learn to identify your body’s needs and wants while being satisfied on much smaller amounts of food, consequently losing weight permanently. You will have to attend four hypnotherapy sessions over a period of approximately twelve weeks, allowing three weeks between sessions; during this time you will be positively encouraged to follow some very simple guidelines; you will also be given a CD for mind management and relaxation to assist you in your weight loss and your journey to a slimmer, fitter healthier you.

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