Lose weight for life

Around 95% of diets fail. And that’s because that’s just what they are—diets. They are short-term changes that do not see any long-lasting results.

Lose Weight for Life

Diet does not equal health. Cutting foods out of your daily intake alone could certainly lead to weight loss, but it will not lead to good health. A combination of exercise, a balanced diet, and positive habit formation is the only formula to allow you lose weight for life and to stay healthy.

Going on an exercise binge or drastically cutting calories can lead to temporary weight loss, but it is extremely unlikely to stay off once you return to your old habits. Weight is not the only thing that connects you to disease prevention. After all, when you go for your yearly physical, you focus on much more than just your weight, right? Many more things factor into health aside from the number on the scale. So, instead of dieting and then returning to your old habits, create new habits to bring success in the world of health.

What does it take to lose weight for life?

Losing weight for life is more than a time commitment. It’s more than an energy commitment. Mentally and physically, losing weight for life and embarking on the road to optimal health is a full-time job.

The most important thing of all is to find happiness in your journey. Exercise in a way that really makes you feel good during and after that exercise. Eat mindfully and plan each meal. Your satisfaction is the only thing that will transform short-term weight loss to a long-term lifestyle change.

But we have to admit—finding happiness can be difficult if you’re no longer eating the things you’re craving, if you feel limited, or if you dread exercising. How can these feelings of dread be transformed into feelings of determination and optimism?

This is where hypnosis will help you to achieve your weight loss goal and keep it off.

Hypnosis and long-term weight loss

Hypnosis is not about walking out of a session 20 Kilos lighter. Hypnosis is about teaching your mind to think differently in terms of your health. Certain cravings can be reduced and eating behaviours transformed.

If you are not feeling satisfied with your diet and exercise alone, hypnosis may be able to help. As mentioned above, mindset is key when you’re on your way to your best health. Relying on hypnosis alone won’t make you lose weight, though; you first need to have the determination and the drive to get there. In order for hypnosis to be successful for weight loss, dedication to complete nutrition and exercise is required.

Before deciding to utilize hypnosis for weight loss, make sure you do your research. Only visit an accredited practitioner. Look online and ask your current doctor for tips on where to start.

Final thoughts

Study after study plus research has proven the best way to lose weight for life is to do it slowly. Hypnosis alone won’t result in weight loss, but it can be a useful tool paired with a balanced diet and a moderate exercise regimen in order to attain a wholesome and healthy life.

Research suggests, on average, it takes 21 days to form good habits, so it’s never too late to start! However with hypnosis these habits can be changed much quicker. Whether that habit is drinking water with breakfast or going for a run three times a week, its important you take control of your life and start somewhere.

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