Lose weight for wedding in 1 year

You finally did it—you picked a date for your wedding. As the excitement and stress grow in terms of planning, inviting, and organizing, there’s that one thing looming over your head that could be the most difficult thing to work on: Your goal wedding weight.

Feel comfortable with your Partner

For many people, having a goal to work towards in terms of weight loss is helpful. You may feel more determined and motivated as you have your wedding dress in mind.

How can I lose weight for a wedding in 1 year?

There are some strict lifestyle changes that might be required. It really depends on how much you weigh now, and how much weight you want to lose. Evaluate your diet and health habits to see where changes, sacrifices, and additions can be made.

Don’t starve yourself

The worst thing you can do is drastically cut your calorie intake. Not only is this bad for your body as it’s happening, but it will also make it quite easy for your body to gain back the kilos after the big day.

They say that moderation is key, and that’s because it’s true. So, instead of cutting calories, make sure you are consuming the right amounts of the right foods, in addition to a moderate exercise routine. You certainly don’t want to be miserable while planning your wedding, so eat and exercise in ways that make you feel good.

One month before the big day

It’s crunch time! You’re tying together the final details, and it’s almost impossible for you not to wake up and go to sleep feeling stressed. For many, this can be a time of quick bites, overeating, and inactivity, but keep your goals in mind.

Why not join a fun fitness class with a friend or family member.           Working out is much easier and flies by quicker with a buddy. Even just once a week will help you de-stress and keep you working toward your weight loss goal. Make sure to pay ahead of time, if possible, to help you keep with the commitment.

If you haven’t already, use this time to cut back on sugar and excess salt. Your body will thank you as it feels less bloated and sluggish.

Be realistic

Setting outrageous goals will make you more likely to stray from your regimen. Stick to something attainable, whether that is 3-4 Kilos a month, one kilo a week, or however feels best for you. After all, nobody knows or cares about the number on the scale when you’re in your dress. All that matters is how you feel.

Create habits that will last after the wedding

Once you’ve lost weight for your wedding, we will assume that your goal will not be to gain it all back. Once the big day has come and gone, you may struggle to find motivation to keep the weight off (and maybe lose even more).  This is where short-term goals turn into long-term lifestyle modifications. It’s possible, but it might be difficult to achieve. Believe it or not, hypnosis may be able to help you along the way.

When it comes to weight loss, hypnosis is for people who strive to modify their lives for the better by creating habits and positive thoughts that stick. It is not for the short-term, for the people who want to wake up 30 pounds lighter tomorrow after having put in zero effort. Hypnosis for weight loss is more about helping you find the strength to move along your weight loss journey and not just dropping the kilos.

Final thoughts

Losing weight for a wedding in one year is doable, as long as you aren’t too hard on yourself and set realistic expectations. Once you reach your goal, your next goal should be to live your life in a way where you won’t gain back any lost weight, and to do it happily and healthfully. Weddings already provide enough stress—don’t let your weight add more to it!

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