Music Is a Great Exercise Partner


You have probably heard that working out with a buddy is easier than working out alone. Working out in twos can help you stay motivated and stay on track with your exercise program and many people have a training partner for their trips to the gym. But did you know that music can be your training partner too? From aerobics classes to nature trail jogs, many fitness gurus and exercise patrons harness the power of music to enhance their workout program. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why.

Neurologists believe that music is an excellent exercise partner because it increases our ability to perform physical and mental labor. Music helps our bodies forget feelings of fatigue, helps us find balance and rhythm, and keeps our minds in  a state of dissociative focus—we know what we are doing but since our minds are into the music, we stay in a mode that is similar to a semi-trance state. We tune in and zone out (in a good way).  Music also makes exercise more enjoyable and makes it easier for us to push ourselves longer and harder because we are less likely to get bored. In this day and age, our attention spans are lacking and this makes it hard for people to focus for long periods of time without external stimulation. Is this a good thing? No. But the fact that music can help our minds relax and focus on a task like exercise is definitely a positive. We may be distracting ourselves with a  distraction, but at least it is helping us stay focus (if that makes sense).

Word to the wise: music is a good work out partner, but it will not help you lose weight or cause you to lose weight. Music is not a weight loss fad or a weight loss method. It is up to you as an individual to make the healthy choices necessary to achieve the body that you want, and this includes a healthy diet and commitment to exercise. But music is a good compliment to your work out program, so it is a good strategy to think of music as a work out partner—a kind of friend that you can rely on to help you get through each exercise session. If you are feeling like to you need some help in the motivation department of your exercise program then enlist the help of your iPod. Plug in, tune out, and get moving!

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