Scientists Connect Sugar Metabolism and the Biological Clock

The Biological clock and metabolism are totally connected. According to researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, learning more about the biological rhythms of patients suffering from various ailments can help doctors to more effectively administer medicine, particularly anti-inflammatory drugs. This is because the researchers were able to discern how cryptochromes and glucocorticoid receptors interact.

Cryptochromes are the proteins that control the biological rhythms in the human body; they are also affected by anti-inflammatory drugs. Glucocorticoids are the body’s natural steroid hormones that regulate blood sugar levels–their job is to make sure that people’s blood sugar levels are lowered while they sleep and then raised when they wake; this allows people to maximize the efficiency of their energy use. Glucocortids also interact with anti-inflammatory drugs and this has exposed the missing-link between cryptochromes and Glucocortids. Together, they regulate the blood sugar and the biological rhythms or what is often called the biological clock.

While scientists and doctors plan to harness this information for pharmaceutical purposes, it can also be used to help people understand their body’s natural rhythms. This way, people can be more conscious of both what they eat and how their body is using what they eat based on their sleep and rest patterns. Think about it. When are people most active during the day? When are they least active? It is important for people to take the time to get to know their activity levels and then find a way to eat healthily in a way that will make the most effective use of the relationship between the biological clock and the metabolic system. For people who are interested in weight loss, this is definitely something they should be more aware of. It seems like common sense, but now the science confirms it: the body knows when to lower and raise blood sugar based on when people are resting and moving. This is information that people can use to their weight loss advantage.

The human body is quite amazing; when people work with it instead of against it, they will see that it optimizes everything, even all the way down to the molecular level. Everything in the body is affected by everything else and thus it is important that people find a way to be more conscious of these various symbiotic relationships–including the one between their biological clock and their metabolic system. Weight loss is about finding balance and an equilibrium; it is about finding the best weight for each individual body. Thus, it is important that people take the time to learn their body’s unique biological rhythms and reap the weight loss rewards.

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