Water and Weight Loss: 3 Things You May Not Have Known


Drinking water after joggingIf you have ever seen a show about wilderness survival, you know that the human body can survive for days without food—but it cannot survive days without water. Water is at the heart of human health. And water also plays a crucial role in weight management.

Water is the body’ essential nutrient. In fact, an adult human body is about 60% water—so, clearly, water is a must if the body is going to function. When the body does not get the water it needs, then it can become dehydrated and, if left untreated, death can occur 

But maybe you want to know a little more about how, specifically, water benefits your body from a weight loss point of view? Then you are in luck. Here are three weight loss benefits of water that you might not have known about:

1.     Calorie Control: Many people falsely believe that water causes weight loss, but this is not the case. The reason water is a great weight loss assistant is because it causes you to feel fuller, and thus eat less. Additionally, water has no calories and therefore substituting it for juice, soft drinks or other sugary drinks decreases your caloric intake.

2.     Muscle Energy: Drinking water energizes your body’s muscles. When you drink water, your fluids become balanced and your electrolytes are enhanced and this combination gives your muscles the power and energy they need to be active so that you can work out and stay fit.

3.     Healthy Bowels: It may seem strange to mention, but water keeps your bowel function regular. Vis-à-vis weight loss, this fact is especially important because regular bowel movements will help you maintain a healthy eating schedule and help you avoid constipation and other obstructive intestinal issues. Thus, your metabolism will work better and you will feel good enough to be active.

Water is indeed a weight loss friend. But be careful: just because water can help you lose weight, you shouldn’t regard it as a magical weight loss potion. The only way you can really lose weight is by way of a combination of healthy eating and exercise over a sustained period of time.

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