Who is Jon Gabriel?


Jon Gabriel is a name that has been reverberating through the weight loss world for nearly a decade. He is the founder of the Gabriel Method, a holistic approach to achieving your body’s optimal weight and health. Aside from having created a method that really works (unlike many of the diet fads you see out there), he also has an amazing personal story that ties in with his philosophy on physical fitness.

Jon Gabriel might be even more American than apple pie in terms of both his pursuit of happiness and his almost too good to be true sensational story. Jon Gabriel struggled with weight gain himself. At his peak weight he was over 186 kilos. He was depressed and had found that no weight loss method worked for him. The catalyst for developing his own weight loss method stems from a brush with death: On September 11, 2001  Gabriel was supposed to be on the flight from Newark to San Francisco that was hijacked by terrorists. Gabriel saw his missing this flight and missing out on death as a sign to do something with himself and took it upon himself to develop a fitness regime that would actually help people lose weight and achieve their ideal body.

Gabriel, who has a background in biochemistry, determined that the key to losing weight was to keeping the body out of famine mode. Famine mode is the body’s way of protecting people from starvation by conserving excess fat and it is triggered by the following things:

·         Stress

·         Environmental toxins

·         Depression

·         Anxiety

·         Malnutrition

·         Sleep deprivation

·         Negative thought patterns

Gabriel maintains that the key to losing weight and then maintaining your ideal body weight is to find the underlying causes of that trigger your famine mode—and these causes are unique for everyone. Thus, losing weight is just as much about personal growth and melding mind and body as it is about eating right and exercising (which Gabriel also promotes). By identifying his underlying famine mode triggers and using positive visualization coupled with mild exercise and healthy eating habits, Gabriel was able to lose 103 kilos in 2 ½ years. Astoundingly, he was able to do this without any of the normal issues that accompany extreme weight loss such as extra skin and stretch marks. If you see the before and after photos of Gabriel, it is hard to believe that they are real!

Jon Gabriel’s story sounds too good to be true, but his method is not all that sensational if you think about it. Gabriel is merely pointing out that our bodies are not as compartmentalized as traditional medicine would have us think—we are holistic beings and all of our parts equally affect and contribute to the others. Learning to use your holistic body to your advantage can help you get in shape (as the Gabriel Method does) but it can also help you defeat depression, anxiety and even quit smoking. Gabriel is a testimony to mind over matter in the weight loss department and if you are looking for a way to achieve your best body then the Gabriel Method is definitely worth checking out.

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